Chapter 1. An Overview

This manual is intended for developers interested in porting An Gramadóir to a new language. Help for end users with installation, usage, etc. is available from the project web site.


Throughout this manual, I will use "xx" or "XX" to refer to the ISO 639 two- or three-letter code for your language.

1.1. Package Structure

Three different packages are involved when creating a grammar checker for your language. The first is gramadoir itself, which is the grammar checking "engine", and is completely language-independent. Sometimes I'll refer to this as the developers' pack. The second is gramadoir-xx (the so-called language pack) which contains all of the language-specific input files. These two packages work together to produce, automatically, the third: an installable Perl module named Lingua::XX::Gramadoir that end users can download (e.g. from CPAN), install, and use to check their grammar.