An Gramadóir

Developers' Guide

Kevin Scannell

Saint Louis University

This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Table of Contents
1. An Overview
1.1. Package Structure
1.2. The Grammar Checking Process
1.3. Available Languages
1.4. Caveat Emptor
2. Starting a new language
2.1. Statistical support
2.2. CVS access
2.3. Installing prerequisites
2.4. Getting the language pack
2.5. Creating a grammar checker from the language pack
3. A tour of the language pack
3.1. The lexicon
3.1.1. Parts of speech
3.1.2. Main word list
3.1.3. Replacements
3.1.4. Morphology
3.2. Grammar checking
3.2.1. Common structure of the *.in files
3.2.2. Multi-word units
3.2.3. Disambiguation
3.2.4. Rules and exceptions
3.3. An assortment of less important files
3.3.1. Segmentation
3.3.2. Tokenization
3.3.3. Files to leave alone
4. Using An Gramadóir as a library
5. An Gramadóir FAQ
List of Examples
3-1. An excerpt from a fictional lexicon-en.txt