2.4. Getting the language pack

To checkout the gramadoir engine and your language pack from CVS, use the following command (substituting your sourceforge account name for "username" and your language code for "xx"):

$ cvs -d:ext:username@gramadoir.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gramadoir checkout engine xx
cvs checkout: Updating engine
U engine/ABOUT-NLS
U engine/COPYING

This will create a subdirectory "xx" (your language code) containing the language pack files and another subdirectory "engine" containing the language-independent gramadoir scripts. The sourceforge site has some excellent documentation on using CVS as a developer including an overview for anyone new to CVS.

Next, configure the engine:

$ cd engine
$ ./configure

You should now have a Makefile but at this point there is nothing to make and nothing to install. Recall that the developers' pack just contains the scripts used in converting the language pack files into an installable Perl module.

Now go into the language pack directory, run configure (to create a Makefile) and make rebuildlex (to create the lexical database):

$ cd ../xx
$ ./configure
$ make rebuildlex

These steps should only have to be performed once. The development and maintenance process for the language pack is described in the following section.