2.5. Creating a grammar checker from the language pack

Creating the necessary files for the Lingua::XX::Gramadoir Perl module is as simple as running

$ make

in the xx (language code) directory. This will generate the files in the subdirectory Lingua-XX-Gramadoir. If you want to update these files at any point in the future, just run make again in the xx directory.

To use these files to build, test, and install the module, use the following standard procedure:

$ cd Lingua-XX-Gramadoir
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Naturally, you may have to run the last of these commands as the root user. The Makefile in the Lingua-XX-Gramadoir directory has all of the standard targets, including a make dist that will create a tarball that can be made available for download by end users, for instance by uploading it to CPAN.