This is the home page for GaelSpell, a powerful Irish language spell checker that has been freely available since the year 2000. The latest version recognizes more than 390,000 words, and we are continuously adding new words to the database. If you notice any missing words, we welcome all suggestions from the community.

You can use GaelSpell on all major computing platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows), or even directly in your web browser thanks to a nice interface created by Michal Boleslav Měchura, and powered by the GaelSpell web service. There is additional information available on the Download page to help you choose the correct version to download.

GaelSpell is open source software, available under the GPLv2. All of the code and data underlying the spell checker are available from our development site on Github.

Of course, because GaelSpell is a spell checker, it only checks spelling and not grammar, so it doesn't pay any attention to a word's context; e.g. it accepts “mo máthair” and “mo cuid Gaeilge”. If you want to catch errors like these, you might have a look at our grammar checker An Gramadóir.